Wardrobe Staple Styles: The Denim Jacket

Zoo Fashion

As the spring weather really begins to take hold over the next couple of months, we’re looking at new ways to diversify our wardrobes with some key transitional styles and outfits. For us, outerwear is one such component that can make our break any outfit and can certainly make all the difference in your springtime get-up.

For our latest feature, we’re discussing an iconic, trans-seasonal style, one that we’ll continue to swear by for its versatility and its inherently accessible nature. Coming in a variety of shapes and colours, the denim jacket is an absolute wardrobe must-have, not only because it can be worn practically the entire year round, but also because it can be styled with almost anything! We’re highlighting a handful of our favourites and recommending some chic and unique styling options for your return to the outside world…

Balenciaga Blue All-Over Logo Large Fit Denim Jacket

The denim jacket has become a mainstay silhouette in Balenciaga’s recent seasonal showcases. They’ve popped up in a myriad of different colourways, washes and prints over the years, but the customarily generous shape and fit appears to be one ever-present feature. The Balenciaga Blue All-Over Logo Large Fit Denim Jacket is no exception to this rule, a logo-centric style with a slouchy, boxy fit, one that is typical of Balenciaga’s ultra-casual, streetwear aesthetic.

And it’s this vision we’ve attempted to realise with our pictured outfit, which features the Fluorescent Yellow Political Logo Large Fit T-Shirt and Black Languages Baseball Cap from Balenciaga and Givenchy’s Black Refracted Logo Sweat Pants to round out the look. It captures the effortlessness of off-duty style whilst retaining the adventurous detail and meticulous craftsmanship that characterises luxury fashion.

Amiri Grateful Dead Clay Indigo Trucker Jacket

Beautifully showcasing all of his artistic talents and appreciation for culture, Mike Amiri’s trucker jackets are always an undisputed highlight of his seasonal collections. This Amiri Grateful Dead Clay Indigo Trucker Jacket is the latest in a long line of widely sought-after silhouettes, featuring a hand-painted mural that pays homage to American rock band the Grateful Dead by recreating their eponymous 1971 album. These artistic references reaffirm Amiri’s deep attachment to California’s rock scene, whilst the tasteful distressing and use of premium materials further demonstrate his comprehensive understanding of luxury design.

We wanted to stay on-brand for this featured look to achieve the quintessential Amiri aesthetic. The denim jacket, when combined with the Black Polka Dots Short Sleeve Shirt and Bandana Thrash Antique Black Jeans, accentuates the post-grunge, LA rock spirit that is synonymous with the label.

Off-White Blue Arrow Twist Denim Jacket

The ‘rotated patch’ feature showcased in Off-White’s Blue Arrow Twist Denim Jacket is one that we can’t recall ever seeing before on our travels. It creates the illusion that sections of the garment have literally been twisted out of place in a distorted interpretation of Off-White’s established aesthetic. It seems both familiar and strangely unfamiliar at the same time, a sentiment perhaps best demonstrated by the fragmented crossed arrows on the back. This simple and unique technique really caught our attention and further exhibits Virgil Abloh’s visionary talent.

Considering that we tend to buy Off-White with ready-to-go outfits in mind, we’ve decided to keep it in-house once again with this look, which is complete with the White Sprayed Caravaggio Print T-Shirt and Black Diag Pocket Skinny Jeans. It’s perfect for casual meets with friends and urban adventures in the heart of your city.

Palm Angels Blue Logo Print Oversized Denim Jacket

Jacket has become somewhat of a classic and like all classics, it never loses its intrinsic appeal. Particularly when it comes to denim jackets, sometimes less is more, and with the iconic gothic logo being one of its few defining features, that ideology is certainly not lost on our designer Francesco Ragazzi. However what gives it the edge and, more importantly, allows it to align with Palm Angels’s curated aesthetic, is its oversized fit and shape. Such a design feature ensures that the loungey, carefree attitude of the label translates through to the jacket and deters the wearer from getting too serious with their styling choices. For instance, our pictured look incorporates Palm Angels’ Black Bear In Love Print T-Shirt and Black Fleece Track Pants for an anywhere, anytime-type vibe.

Saint Laurent Black Classic Denim Jacket

To continue that discourse on wardrobe staples, you simply don’t get much more classic than our latest style: Saint Laurent’s Black Classic Denim Jacket. With its monotonal colour palette and bronze metal hardware, it’s the picture of modern sophistication and elegance. The refined design approach allows for it to subtly adapt to different dress codes, opening it up for consideration in a variety of environments and situations. To really emphasise its versatility, we’ve styled ours with two different outfits. In one outfit, it accompanies the Off-White Embroidered Tunic and Black Coated Skinny Jeans for a monotonal look that would certainly be welcome at any event requiring smart-casual attire. Whereas the second look, which showcases Saint Laurent’s Hawaiian Print Short Sleeve Shirt, is brought to life with an injection of colour that favours the slightly more flamboyant. We’re picturing evenings out at your favourite bars and clubs, where dressing with flair and unique personality is strongly encouraged.