Off-White Black Barrel Leather Varsity Jacket

Zoo Fashion

Few menswear silhouettes epitomise archetypal Americana fashion like the varsity jacket. It should be no surprise then that American-born Virgil Abloh knocks it out of the park with this instant classic from his latest collection. The Off-White barrel varsity jacket is typically Off-White in every way that matters. From the pop-art style stencil appliques to the unabashed use of colour clocking, it bears many of the label’s quintessential hallmarks. It’s a celebration of the streetwear subculture that Abloh so dearly reveres, and could possibly even be a passion project for the designer.

But most importantly, Off-White’s featured varsity is just so effortlessly cool. The contrasting leather sleeves and trims lend a real edginess to the piece. It’s absolutely dripping with personality and has a real attitude to match. Luckily, you’ve been blessed with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to creating your complete Off-White look, but we love this ‘Pivot’ t-shirt and ripped jeans ensemble shown above. Playful, yet rebellious, it perfectly aligns with the ethos of the brand.