Introducing thisisneverthat: A Finely Tuned Culture Clash


Seoul’s thisisneverthat is a clothing brand that operates on its own frequency and style rules. The South Korean label was founded in 2010 by 3 friends: Jongkyu Choi, Nadan Cho and Inwook Park—their intention was to deliver an artistic vision that encompassed all their individual inspirations and passions: art, music, global subcultures, their diverse friends, and just everyday life.

In more tangible terms, thisisneverthat provides a snapshot of Korean style infused with fashion energy from other major world hubs including Tokyo, London, and of course New York City. The results of this expansive approach have been edgy (and wearable) collections that lean heavily on verbiage-driven graphics, comfort-driven construction, and the tasteful use of high-performance fabrics. In a nutshell, the brand combines elements of streetwear, outdoors apparel, and workwear in a way that never feels forced or contrived, with each new season always packing some intriguing surprises.

For the first thisisneverthat drop on the SHOP, the streetwear options for urban explorers are plentiful. Included in the mix are matching hoodie and sweatpant sets, track jackets, roomy warm-up pants, logo-emblazoned tees and accessories, and safari-style bucket hats.